Welcome to Dedikim!

To be dedicated to something means to give it full attention to grow and blossom. In my coaching and training, I dedicate my attention, professionality and input to you, so you can dedicate yourself to your own process, your team, your life path or your organization. What you are dedicated to, grows.

Enjoy looking around on my website, and for any questions, contact me via the Contact Form.

Dedicated to help people and organizations grow

~ Esther Klaassen

The logo shows dedication in different ways:

We are always on the move and into growth, and around the corner can lay a different direction in which we can ask someone to join us
In whatever different directions we go, we stay connected
Two intertwined hearts, supporting, moving and strengthening each other
Our dedication in blue is carried by a golden background, in which I see the life giving and all encompassing divine love

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